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Class Action Lawsuits

In the 1970's the onslaught of Asbestos lawsuits began. The target of the class action lawsuits have been shipbuilders, manufacturers, mining companies and construction companies. Because many of these buildings/mines/ships still stand mesothelioma and of course mesothelioma class action lawsuits continue. Mesothelioma causes death so you would think that the reward should be substantial.

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Meeting a Personal Injury Lawyer: Leave a Good Impression at the First Meeting

Before meeting a personal injury lawyer, it is very necessary to make sure you are well prepared for the meeting. Following are a few tips and guidelines that you should keep in mind to ensure a healthy conversation and a good client-lawyer relationship at the very first meeting: 

  1. In order to make a good beginning and leave a good impression on the attorney, it is very necessary to treat the first meeting as important as a business consultation. In other words, dress well, and be punctual, polite, and considerate.
  1. It is also very important to know and evaluate each other on an informal basis. Therefore, make sure to give your attorney a fair chance to get to know you. Do not hesitate to provide any background information if asked for. However, it is not necessary to give the minutest details about yourself and your case. Wait for the lawyer to do the talking and let him know what he/she thinks is relevant.
  1. It is highly advisable to be well-prepared with completed questionnaires, documents, charts, diagrams and your own questions. This will not only make your lawyer’s job easier, but will also make the bonding stronger.
  1. Be honest and let him/her know everything that is important. It is in your own interest to let your lawyer know all the bad or trivial things up front, rather than surprise him/her later. The same thing applies even of you are not sure of hiring the attorney.
  1. Also, be prepared to make an honest review of your opposition as you might be expected to go through an educational process with the lawyer if he/she is willing to take up your case.
  1. Usually, the solicitors/lawyers offer several options in which you can deal with the case. Instead of being submissive, it is advisable to frankly discuss each alternative with him/her and ask for a practical legal advice that has a good probability of translating into good business sense.
  1. If presented with a legal contract called the “retainer agreement” or the “legal services agreement”, request the attorney to explain the terms and conditions to you and take your own time to read the document before signing it.
If your lawyer is not willing to take up your case, do not get disheartened as in most cases, he/she would advise you about what should be done and refer you to good, reputed lawyers who have experience in dealing with cases similar to yours. In any case, it is good to keep in touch with the attorney for legal advice and to keep a track of your case proceedings and updates. If you manage to leave a good impression at the very first meeting, the attorney will always be ready and pleased to help you out.

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